Community Health Connections Family Health Center

The JCOH spearheaded the opening of a community health center organization, Community Health Connections, Inc. (CHC), in Fitchburg. The CHC, which is a federally designated 330 center, provides primary medical, dental, behavioral health and low-cost pharmacy services and has expanded over the years to include satellite sites in Gardner and Leominster. Most recently, CHC has added both brick-and mortar and mobile medical, dental and mental health services for individuals who are homeless or publically housed.  ACTION Health Services is Community Health Connections, Inc.’s newest federally qualified health center. ACTION Health Services provides medical, dental, and behavioral health care services through the use of mobile units and land-based sites located in Fitchburg and Gardner. In 2009, CHC provided services to 21,321 residents from across the region. For more information please visit

Contact Information

For questions or information, please contact Susan Buchholz, Coordinator for the Joint Coalition on Health or 978-345-7040, Ext. 36

Mailing Address:
133 Prichard Street, Fitchburg, MA 01430
FAX 978-630-6830

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